Found 15th Nov 2009
Hi i am 19 and a student and a one wire from my retainer has slipped out of place!

what sort of price am i looking to pay to see a dentist and how do i transfer to one in liverpool as i am not from here?

Please help!!


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Think you are going to need an orthodentist rather than a normal dentist for your brace, when is your next appointment for your own ortho as my son had this happen and they just told him to wait till he was due in?

You'll have to pay if you are over 18 even if still in education I'm afraid OP xx…htm

Give the Liverpool dental hospital a ring.

Ask your student health centre - they may have NHS dentists/orthodontists that they have a 'deal' with.…htm…htm

Does the uni have a dental teaching course? They may offer free work. I can't think how else you may get it done for nothing.

Have a look on NHS Direct to find your nearest NHS services.
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