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    I'm considering going abroad for dental treatment - I want to replace amalgam fillings with white, replace a crown plus whatever else is deemed necessary. Has anyone had experience of treatment abroad - good or bad? And if good, is it possible to have specific recommendations? Thanks very much for any help.


    How far are you willing to go abroad?

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    I'm prepared to travel to Western European countries plus Hungary.
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    That link is serious clickbait

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    Thanks for the info Patti - I might just stick with the crown replacement!

    My good friend swears by dental services in Czech Republic. Cheap and solid work.

    I had an x-ray for toothache in June while on holiday in Salou and it cost me 95 Euros !!

    Crown replacement is fine, when done properly they can last a very long time, but don't have your amalgam fillings replaced with white. I had 5 done (in the UK), biggest mistake I ever made and I bitterly regret it. I was told that besides looking better, white fillings were a more permanent repair and would extend the life of the tooth. Not true, they don't seal to the tooth well and often "leak", meaning that saliva and liquids can get down under the filling and start decay. This may only show up on an x-ray and by then it may be too late to save the tooth. I've already had a tooth extracted because of this and there are 2 more that will have to come out because my new dentist says that if he drills out the white filling and the decay underneath, there won't be enough tooth left to fill or crown. Meanwhile other teeth with much older amalgam fillings are fine.
    So don't have white fillings, they may look great now but you'll regret it in years to come.

    I'v done two crowns (front) porcelain quite cheap in Gdansk (Poland)

    poland and czech republic are best places to go. since they dont use euro it will be cheaper than anywhere in western/central europe

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    Thank you very much for all your replies. I've now decided not to replace my old fillings and also to stick with amalgam for any new ones - it seems a better option. Also, although I was aware of Hungary and Malta as places to go for cheaper but good treatment, I'd never considered The Czech Republic or Poland. I'll now look into those two. Thanks again.
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