Deposit cheques with Halifax bank without having to go to a bank branch

Posted 6th Feb 2018
This is not a deal really but it does save money for people who have to travel to a halifax bank branch only to deposit cheques.

Halifax mobile banking app now lets customers deposit cheques without having to go into a branch.

Just take a picture of front and back sides of the cheque from the app and that's it.
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Full details and simple how to step by step here…ts/
Just logged into my Halifax app today to find a new feature in the menu called Cheques (BETA).

When clicking on this you are able to deposit cheques and see your cheque deposit history.

You deposit by taking a picture of the cheque front and back.

This will save me stock piling my cheques from birthday and Christmas until about 4 months later when I remember they're there.

It is still under testing, hence the BETA, but still good for some (including me).

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