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    How long does it take for the funds to be shown in your bank account? I put money in this morning but when I tried to buy something from the PSN it rejected my card, but I thought if you put your money into your own account it went in instantly?


    should be instant, im with hsbc and its done straight away

    If you pay cash over the counter it is credited immediately.

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    Thats really strange, it wasn't something overly expensive i was gonna buy... it was only a fiver so I don't see why its rejecting. Glad I kept my receipt I hope the silly woman put it in the right account

    Thanks guys

    Hope you get it sorted! :thumbsup:

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    Hope you get it sorted! :thumbsup:

    Thanks - I do too! :roll:


    Cash or cheque??? Oh the vagueness of the british banking system

    cant you check on the internet banking to see if the money has gone into your bank

    Last week I paid money into the clydesdale bank for someone, cash over the counter and it didn't show till the next day. First time I've ever known it to happen.

    some banks aren't on instant banking so it depends who you are with, but would definately show the following day with all banks this only applies to cash deposits not transfers

    Last Wednesday lunchtime I transferred 350 quid online from First Direct Online bank to pay for an item (i had the shop's details) into a Barclays Bank account. The cash went from my account immediately. The shop still has not received the money (Sunday morning). I know they are honest. FD is not part of the new faster payments system even though Barclays are. This is how the banks make their huge profits- they lend our money overnight around the world.
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