Found 6th Apr
Anybody had this injections Whats your experience ?
Did anyone encounter severe pain at injection site/lump after injection
Has anyone had it because of DUB or adenomysis?

All comments welcome ... please nothing unrelated

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Depo injections ok for short term relief.
You may encounter stiffness of joints for a couple of days.

I had it for years and found it fine, no issues. I didn't have periods either which I found a bonus.

The only bad bit was having to go every 3 months for a top up and so I got an implant instead.

But everyone reacts differently so you can't judge by anyone else's experience.

With the depo as well it can't be removed like an implant or coil and so if there's any side effect you will just have to wait it out. And if you decide you want children then it can take 1-2 years to leave your system

Used for Arthritis.

No pain but on for 3 weeks out of 4. Gave up on it after 6 months.

I bled for the three months every day


I bled for the three months every day

I know that feeling
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