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Hi everyone.

I'm new to this website and hopefully will be posting some hot deals soon - in the meantime has anyone any Derren Brown books for sale?

I'm a new fan of his and interested in any of the titles and as long as they are in good condition i'd probably rather buy them slightly cheaper 2nd hand rather than new - so if anyone has any of these books lying around please get back to me with the details.

Thanks in advance.



Welcome to HUKD Nicola

The older Derren brown books are hard to get and usually sell a lot more than their sleeve price. Derrens latest book is at the book people for £7.99 and their are codes on here for free delivery. As for his older ones ebay is your best bet, try to pick one that is ending at a silly time. Amazon also have them for sale second hand. However they are very rare and the price reflects this, sometimes you are better buying them new at £28.99 ]here .

Hi Nicola,

As a magician I have his magic-related books (Pure Effect and Absolute Magic), and they are excellent. But be warned, they were written for magicians and are very specific to magicians. If you are a magician you'll love them, if not, you might have a hard time wondering what on earth he's going on about.

If you don't have his Tricks of the Mind book, then that's the one you should go for as it was written for the general public.

Original Poster

Thanks for your replies - i've been offered an e-book of 2 of his books - Pure Effect and Absolute Magic - plus a derren brown lecture and other NLP material for 20 pounds. Although like you recommended i might just be better going fot the Tricks of the mind book for the meantime and possibly the others later??

Do you think this is a good deal for an ebook or not??

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Although like you recommended i might just be better going fot the Tricks of the mind book for the meantime and possibly the others later??

Tricks of the Mind would definitely be more suited to you. It covers a bit of everything and as it was aimed at the general public it's very easy to pick up and get through.

Although I know some people who've bought it and were dissapointed that it didn't reveal any of his secrets, so I thought I'd let you know beforehand if that's what you were looking for (he doesn't reveal any of his secrets in Pure Effect or Absolute Magic either, he keeps them all to himself

Regarding the ebooks; these are completely illegal! Do not buy them! There is even a message on Derren's site which I've copied here about bootlegged stuff:

"It occasionally comes to our attention that individuals are offering unauthorised versions of Derren's books or video on the net. This is illegal and taken seriously. Whenever we come across this (and we are always informed), we instruct our solicitors to contact the individuals concerned with a view to taking legal action.

Even if no legal action is then taken, the offenders are liable for the legal costs of the instruction and correspondence, which is generally between a thousand and two thousand pounds, but may be more depending on how difficult the offender has been to contact."

Stay well clear of the ebooks and you may want to report the person who offered them to you to Derren's management so they can look into it further.

Hope I helped!

I would avoid ebays too- apart from the legality of them they are rubbish. I agree to try the tricks of the mind book, it teaches you one or two things that are good for non-proffessionals ( but derren wont reveal his secrets ).It is also a good read if you like Derren brown as his charachter & wit come across.The cheapest I found was the book people at £7.99 ]here . If you order two items and use the code from the vouchers section you will get free delivery. Wh smith had it at £9.99 in store the other day if theres one near you it might be handy.
I would recommend anything Derrren brown does but as the other OP says his earlier books are more for proffessionals.
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