Derren Brown Lottery Experiment - Wisdom of crowds

    Hi Guys

    Following on from Derren Browns show a few weeks ago, where his theory of 'the wisdom of the crowd' was used to predict the lottery numbers, i thought it might be fun to put this theory to the test.


    1 - have a look at the last few weeks results for the lottery draw (

    2 - Place your prediction for the 6 numbers for Saturdays draw in order that you believe they will be drawn

    3 - on Saturday afternoon, take every first number predicted, add them together and then average this out across the number of prediction

    Worth a go and you never know - it might work and we could all win a tenner or more


    Original Poster

    my predictions are:

    1 - 27
    2 - 32
    3 - 5
    4 - 17
    5 - 7
    6 - 41

    a few of us had a go of this a while back…000
    some interesting comments lol

    Wasn't 'his' theory, also it wasn't 'used'

    The theory works with things that you have a reasonable chance of guessing, if you were asked to guess my height, even without seeing me you would probably guess somewhere between 5 and 6 1/2 foot, asked to pick a number out of 49 you couldn't possibly be that accurate.

    Split cameras and a lot of misdirection.

    But sure knock yourself out


    Original Poster


    a few of us had a go of this a while back … a few of us had a go of this a while back :) interesting comments lol

    uh oh - i did a quick search before and couldn't find anything relating to this but never mind. Not looking to bring up the debate again - just for fun
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