Desert Island Websites.

    Your on a desert Island, with a laptop - you can only use three websites, which three (clean) websites do you use and prefferably why?


    HUKD of course
    Google to get a way off the island
    Some dating site to give you company when you get off!

    Desert Island Survival Guide website


    a certain bit torrent webite.

    Youtube - obvious reasons, you can watch whole tv series and have endless hours of make friends and interact with people.

    Wikipedia - Lots of free time, so you could learn every thing in the world ever. Plus you'd be able to find out if you just ate poisonous berrys or something.

    GMail - So I can keep in touch with loved ones, and find out every thing and any thing I ever need to know.

    Google as the whole internet is part of google

    The Pirate Bay...



    News 24 to see if anyone cares I've gone missing
    Hotukdeals to cry for help
    and Youtube for entertainment.

    In no particular order

    You Tube,
    and Sky News

    Aint having Google cheating? Or a genius plan?

    If I can't have Google then my choices

    Pizza Hut (hmmm, may have a problem with that one :thinking:)

    1) ebay - to buy a boat or get picked up when it is delivered.

    2) Live Footy Doctor

    3) bit torrent site
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