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    Can someone help me please!

    Me and a few mates are going to Ibiza in a few weeks and are looking to get t-shirts done. We are going to see Swedish House Mafia on the Monday and would like some t-shirts for it.

    We have the text sorted for the back, was just wondering if someone could please help us with the front:

    The same or very similar to link below, I dont have software to do it I don't think and even if I did I would be useless!!

    Thaanks in advance for any replies



    Paypal me £50 now

    Why don't you use the image in your link?


    Because it's 350 pixels wide and has a watermark

    Original Poster

    anyone??? please!


    anyone??? please!

    I've sent myself a reminder to look at this on Monday when I'm back in the office.

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    designs are superb guys, a few of my mates have already said they are getting the two put up!! would rep but the new system is weird!!


    would rep but the new system is weird!!

    No worries bud, it was only a 2 minute edit jobby from a picture I found on Google lol - just don't try and sell it and you should be okay X)

    Morning. I've resisted using effects as it will print better.

    Here is a link to a vector based PDF which is infinitely scalable without loss of quality.
    EPS in PDF Format

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    ^ Nice design mbeeching!
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