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    Erm, scoose me ........ BUT..... I am not sure if this is a

    "Deal" or just the inane purrrrings of a cat possessed.... BUT....

    Have any of you joined the e-mail list for Designer Sales?

    Only, admittedly a lot of the stuff that gets sent through is not always that "special" or/and cheap.... Only, every now and then, they do seem to send through one or two things that 'appear' to be cheap.

    Now, being a rather pretty feline myself, I thought that I would like to have a look at the rather cute collars that they had for sale on there today!

    Ha! My captor thinks SHE is gonna get it, but trust me, when I bring my mouse in she will DROP IT! And that will be my que to snatch and grab the diamonte number!!!

    So, this is the plan - ready?

    OK - Go to -

    and sign yourself up, then have a look at todays sale that they have on there..

    Specifically, I was looking at:-

    "Fresh from the catwalk; Aquascutum, designer denim and Dyberg/Kern"

    And under / in that I was then looking at all of the designer denim..... That CLAIMS to be cheap.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I haven't gone in to see how many sizes they have and how many CAT WALKS they have appeared on - but.....

    It got me ...

    Example of Miss 60 Jeans and so on.... but this is in no way meant to be saying that they are CHEAP , as I only have their word to go on, and I don't know enough about how muc these nor,ally retail for ... but it says:

    X Confidential Jeans £15

    Tommy Hilfiger Jeans £35

    Diesel £40

    Then I looked at the jewllery,,,,, and so I got stuck....

    Anyway - mods and anybody else, please move this if I am wrong to put it here - only I thought that the jeans looked HOT and Purrrrfect if I don't mind saying so myself!

    And there is a big link to the Aquascutum sale too.

    As I said though in all honesty, I don't know enough about this as I only look at mices and birds....

    If it is good - fair doos nothing ventured and all that?

    Meow for now,

    Purrrrr for later


    Please feel free to edit / move if not applicable.

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