Desk for IMAC any ideas?

    Im looking for a desk to hold my new imac but im a minmilist so i dont want anything big and need my chair to go underneath.
    Im currently looking at the post desk on the argos site for £59.99 but i would prefer something smaller.
    rep left to anyone who helps me out.


    Isn't Imac a hair removing cream???


    lol nice desk youre eyeing up there :whistling:

    I happen to be looking for one of these as well. I don't know about you, but I hate the slidey keyboard things. I'd rather one without, but unfortunately it seems that most desks have them.


    You can just not screw on the slidey keyboard part when putting it together can't you?

    Yeah, but those desks are usually rubbish anyway.

    omg lol whats the point in this just buy a u dont look at the mantle piece whilst ya pokin the fire......stick it on any old desk and enjoy the machine...

    This website has some amazing stuff but you will pay for it, so defo not a deal site, sorry but stuff you will want.



    Must resist mentioning IKEA but I did…jpg

    Although it looks more like a Apple Cinema Display than an iMac to me
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