Desk top Pc Wanted.

    Hi Hukd'ers

    I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers and still prefer sitting at a desk to surf the net rather than use a laptop.

    I'll admit I know very little on specs, so am asking for your knowledge and recommendations on a replacement pc.

    It needs to be a tower, i3 processor, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB HDD and have a DVD/RW minimum or equivalent specs. (as recommended by a friend). Hopefully have Windows aswell.

    The Pc is used mainly for surfing, youtube clips and storing photo's & music. NO gaming. Think that's about it.

    Looking to spend up to £350. Don't mind if its last months model.. lol

    Thanks in advance.


    I'll take it that self build is out of the question? If it were me speccing the system 6gb would be the minimum RAM for that budget and I'd hope for a small SSD drive to speed it up even more.

    Is noise an issue for you?
    What do you have currently? as a benchmark of what would be back tracking.
    Will you want a new keyboard/mouse? Keeping your own means more budget on performance
    Do you need something space friendly or is size of the case not much of an issue?…002
    Reasonable basis and not offensive styling, simply add Windows 7 or 8 depending on your preference. If you intend to keep it long term W8 may be a better bet to ensure a steady stream of security updates.…c=3
    Nettop PC, tiny form factor and generally very quiet machines. Main downside is that you either cant easily upgrade or cant upgrade at all. However, they usually easily attach to the back of a monitor so if you fancy saving a bit of space they can be quite useful.…c=3
    Small form factor PC, so everything like the above two machines but somewhere in between for size, still able to be upgraded but less space to do so. Well under £300 and covers all bases you need.…c=3
    Full size machine with a fast i5 processor, with the OS and KB and mouse so very much ready to go after plugging everything in.…tml
    Seems to offer fairly good value for money from a well known brand, even more oddly it's at a DSG store which is unusual. Latest generation of processor so should remain relevant that little bit longer for you.

    Original Poster


    I bow down to your superior knowledge and thank you for taking time to find these out for me.

    I'm liking no3 on your list and no5 was also recommended by my friend..

    I do want a new mouse and kb so no4 is also a possible goer as it has the faster i5 processor..

    Are the zoostorms any good/reliable or should I stick to a better known "brand"?

    Thanks again


    Zoostorm machines pop up on here often - Plenty of comments to read through of satisfied and some dissatisfied users.

    Beyond that, brand wise it's much of a muchness, brands tend to be only relevant to warranty support otherwise the components are all available to every manufacturer and therefore as liable to failure with Acer as they are with Dell and just as much with someone like me making up a PC at home.

    Always remember that the bundled keyboard and mouse my not be as good as getting a good stand alone one elsewhere. I'd personally always pick a keyboard I've tried first to see if I like it.

    Original Poster

    Thanks again Astec123 for your input..

    Will take your advice and take a look at a few keyboards before making a decision....

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