Desktop advice needed


    I'm looking for a new desktop computer. At the moment I have:

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33ghz
    4GB Ram
    Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT

    Would either of these desktops be a decent jump up spec wise? I'm unsure how to compare my graphics card and processors to the new i5s and i7s.…tml…_22

    Also out of the two (both around the same price) which is better? The i5 HP, or i7 medion?


    What do you do with your computer? Whilst the i5 and i7 are faster than a Core 2 Quad, a C2Q is still a powerful chip and for most things you wont notice much difference. Have you considered upgrading your current machine by adding an SSD (an excellent upgrade for about ~£85) and perhaps a more powerful graphics card?

    For what its worth I would just upgrade your graphics card and it will still be ok for a while..I have a slight faster processor than you and a better graphics card and still plays all the games no problem
    I have Q6600 / Geoforce 8800GT and nice sound card. Put the money in the bank and wait another 6 months.

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    Thanks for the replies, seems like I may be better of just upgrading the graphics card then and waiting a while longer! Will any new graphics card work? or does it have to be compatible with my motherboard? Also, i've not heard of an SSD, what is this? Is this to do with my RAM?

    Solid State Drive...Faster Access..Graphics Cards you will have to see what you want and see if its compatible..Remember don't go too high as you will change it later look at about £50- £100 ceiling and go from there...Good Luck

    I can't recommend an SSD enough, get a decent one (look for one with a Sandforce controller, such as a OCZ Vertex 2E). You can get a 60GB model for around £80-£90, use this as your main OS\boot drive [and your most played games installs] (keeping your media, films etc on a regular HDD), and the feel of speed-up will massively outweigh a CPU increase.

    As the drive uses flash rather than mechanical storage, the access times reduce from ~15ms to under 0.1ms; what this means is anytime you computer was doing many small random reads\writes (such as booting up, loading games, loading apps and task switching) are much much faster. Your current machine is decent, so I'd upgrade this way rather than spending a lot more on a not-much-better machine (although a graphics upgrade will obviously improve gaming performance).

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    Really appreciate the advice, thanks a lot, will look into an SSD and graphics card
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