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    Hi hope someone can help
    my computer has died looking just for a tower as i have everything i need
    what i would like is something that can play
    World Of Warcraft for my lad as hes mad on it
    my computer knowledge s nil
    so would appreciate any help from you guys on what to buy
    and where to buy
    dont have much to spemd about £300.
    thanks for your help

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    All I can say is that you should get a really good deal with £300, but if you can, wait till January as it is now the Christmas hype in prices.
    One good recommendation would be to wait for an Aldi deal if you have an Aldi supermarket near you, as they have really good offers usually every 4-8 weeks, an done is due. Check out the store as they may have one in stock from the previuous deal. The spec,etc. is fantastic and the price excellent, usually with a 3-year warranty. I have one and it is brilliant. But you need an Adli supermarket near you or access to one, or if someone can buy it for you and send it one.
    Another excellent way of working out what you need (specifications, memory, hard disk capacity, etc.) is to go to PC World or similar store and have a chat with them. Ask them what you can get for the price, but before that mention what you need it for so that they can match the spec to your needs. They will work out what you need and it will be very good. But DO NOT BUY. Tell the you wan to think about it and will return. You now have exactly what spec you will need for your requirements and what you can get for £300 or so. Then you do some online searching, search this site and asking for help knowing the exact spec you need will mean people can help more easily,
    You will then be able to find a really good deal.
    I hope this helps. Don't worry anout hassling PC World, etc. They don't mind and are ready to sell you one at a high price!! Don;t buy from them, prices too high.
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