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My little brother has asked me to get him a desktop computer. I have never built my own computer but I have upgraded RAM/ GFX cards/PSU's before so although I am not confident that I could build him one from scratch, I am confident that given a decent "bare-bones" system I could upgrade it no problem.

Can anyone reccomend a good base? I have used and upgraded Dell computers in the past. I see there is a deal on at eBuyer that has been posted on here but that really is building a complete system and I am not sure I can handle that.

What I need is a case, psu, motherboard, hard drive etc all fitted and I can fit the RAM and GFX card myself... budget is about £250 and will be used for playing games and general usage.



Novatech do a load of barebones, but all you need to add is a hard disk and DVD drive (and a graphics card if you wish)


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Is it simple to add those in yourself?


Is it simple to add those in yourself?

If you have already done ram, graphics card and PSU then not much more difficult than that.

Physically fitting the DVD drive is just removing the face plate from the front of the case and sliding it into the slot in the case and screwing in 4 screws. Easy

The hard disk is similar but you dont remove the face plate (the disk is hidden inside the case), again 4 screws. Easy.

(Note many "bare" DVD drives or hard disks dont come with screws so just buy a pack of assorted screws from any PC supplier).

Spare power cables will already be in the case for these two devices, and fitting them is easy.

Then all you need to do is connect the DVD drive and the hard disk to the motherboard with Sata cables.

Just need to plug the sata cable into the right slot on the motherboard (SATA0, SATA1 etc)

(Buy a SATA DVD drive rather than an IDE DVD drive then you dont have to wory about IDE cables)

Once all that is installed then you need to install an operating system (Windows, Linux etc)
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Thank you very much
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