Desktop computer finally gone to silicone heaven

Found 19th Apr 2007
Some of you may (or may not) remember that my desktop almost died about 2 months ago. Well I replaced the motherboard and it (mostly) recovered.

Well I return to my desktop today and it's crashed in Windows XP. So I reboot and when it gets to the windows logo screen, it automatically restarts itself. So I try safe mode, but the same thing happens.

I think it has passed away but has lived a good 5 years.

Will try again tomorrow and see if maybe it was overheating, and needed to cool off (unlikely) and I'll open up the case to see if the motherboard has blown some components (that's what happened last time).

I don't think I can revitalise it this time, and may be selling off any salvageable components (like GFX card, DVDRWs etc.) on the for sale forum in the upcoming week. So if you're after that kind of thing then keep your eyes peeled!

If anyone does have any great ideas that I could try, before abandoning hope, then I would be most grateful to be on the receiving end of such suggestions!

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No great ideas markwills...only thought is maybe try a different hard drive , if you have a spare, as that is always my first diagnostic move...because almost every fault I've had has been a failed or erratic HDD.

With the current ebuyer/google checkout deals you'd be able to build a PC quite cheaply..much depends on the spec you require?....I'm really tempted myself as I'm using a Socket A based system and would like a Intel Core 2 based system.
Good luck with your repair attempts.
OK I'm assuming you've dumped your pc... but unlike Curry my first diagnostic move would be to format. Nuffing wrong with the hardware side. Obviously you havent got anyfing on the hdd worth saving. So if you still have it...maybe a clean format is just what you need.....
I tried a format, and it just crashed again. Have turned the HDD into an external HDD for my laptop (using an external USB case) and have sold most of the rest of the hardware (i.e. the bits that work). I think it's a PSU / mobo / CPU problem.
its a cpu problem i had this on a pc of mine if overheated and melted the cpu chip!
I've seen faulty hdd that cause this problem too.
HDD is fine - plugged into laptop via USB and is all working hunky dorey!

Am gonna ditch the mobo & processor (RAM is fine too - working on a mate's computer)
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