Desktop Computer For Downloading & Video Editing

    I saw this computer on Curry's website and wondered if anyone things this will be ok for my requirements:…tml

    I don't want to spend much more than £400 incl monitor. Let me know your opinions please


    well if your into hardcore editing i think you will need a decent graphics card otherwise its fine. btw its cheaper if you build your own pc, the first one off cost is high if you dont have a monitor etc but once you have it and want to upgrade in the future its really cheap. ive just learnt how to do it and built my 1st pc and theres loads of guys here willing to help inc me

    ^ Yeah everything is fine but that graphics card is very low end. Don't know how intensive video editing is but i'd imagine you would need a better one. (You may be able to stick a better one in yourself relatively easily).

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    Hi thanks guys. My video editing is very basic, mainly changing videos from letterbox format to widescreen. My current computer is very old and I find multitasking virtually impossible. So def need more memory to do this! What graphics card would you recommend? I'm somewhat of a novice

    I do need a new monitor because the one I have is an old Dell one and I want a flatscreen one.

    well everyone will have their own opinion but you'd want a min of say 512mb graphics card and if you can get a 1GB on the cheap even better, this is a pretty good deal for the money but say add another £100 more you might open up a few better options for yourself, especially in the sales

    I would suggest you to buy your p.c first and try your video editing etc, if its lagging etc only then upgrade the gc. And agree with tdk2bu min 512mb gc and choose either AGP or PCI express which is determined by the slot on your motherboard.
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