desktop package with xp

    Wanting to buy an average pc package with 17 screen for my own general use. Dont want Vista just windows xp. Any recomendations?


    What will you be using your pc for?
    Just office work and internet stuff,or will you be using it for games etc?

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    general office work and internet, no gaming will leave that to 2 sons!

    pc world have some clearance pc's available from only £149.99 without monintor if that helps

    there are some good buys at ebuyer

    for your consideration,
    ]base unit £182.99 ]17" monitor £98.69,so just a smidge over £280 for the system.
    this only has 256mb RAM so you may wish to add more approx another £20 for another 256 stick.

    also ]base unit £234.99,don't think there is a modem inside but it has more RAM and better processor,awaiting stock at the moment though.

    hope this helps:)

    also might be worth checking comet and currys now vista is out all xp machines are in the sale


    Wanting to buy an average pc package with 17 screen for my own general … Wanting to buy an average pc package with 17 screen for my own general use. Dont want Vista just windows xp. Any recomendations?

    So what is your budget as there are some good deals around at present.

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    £300ish i can see no point in paying for a wing dinger that i will only use for basic internet and home office stuff.
    thanks all for the advice so far.
    Seen a medion package at woolies £399 for 160gb, 3.46ghz, 512 mb ram 17" screen but comes with printer i dont need and would prefare to pay less. Any thoughts on this.

    check the acer's on [url][/url] they are great value

    been having another look for you

    At PC world I have found these ]17" monitor and this ]pc unit

    The total will come to £320 delivered.
    This pc has a better processor and ram than the woolies one but a smaller hard drive,80gb.It is a reconditioned base unit but comes with a full 12 months warranty and is only available for home delivery.I chose a monitor from the same place for you as you may want to get it delivered together,but 17" monitors can be had cheaper elsewhere,ebuyer have a good range,I posted a link above to a nice monitor for you.

    The woolies pc is not as good a buy imo,the printer that comes with it is worth £25 quid or so,and you may not really need such a size hard drive.I have an 80 gb HD and I play games,store photos and some music and it is plenty enough for me.

    Just something more for you to consider:)

    edit:you can get 6% quidco for online pc world transactions also(£18 or so by my reckoning)

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    Thanks for all the advice new computer on the way for £309.93 less quidco earnings. woohoo.

    Ordered the following from PC World (thanks Muckypup)
    Cost 204.99 + 4.95 delivery

    Intel Pentium 4 640 Processor
    3.20GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB Cache
    Genuine MS Windows XP Media Center
    80GB Hard Disk Drive
    Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive
    128MB ATi Radeon X200 Graphics
    6 USB Connections
    Microsoft Works 8.5 Software Titles

    And a Hanns G JC171DP 17" Flat Panel Monitorat £99.99 delivered from
    Also went through Quidco on both for a little extra discount

    Could have had a monitor for £84.95 from Tecno but delivery charges to NI where £12.95!Unfortuanatly Ebuyer also pile on the delivery to this part of the world.
    So play have always been very reliable with past orders and deliver free so they got the order.
    Thanks again guys.

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