Found 20th Jul 2008

My dad is after a desktop pc, this doesnt have to be top spec, as long as its a decent speed for net use, decent memory and is capable of playing/burning dvds at a fair rate.

Can anyone suggest where is currently the best place to pick up a good deal, suggestions most welcome.


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What is your budget?

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budget around £500, but will pay more for a good deal.


You could pay half that for a decent enough desktop to suffice internet use, do you have any other requirements?

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Not specifically. I know a fair bit about computers myself but just wanted to know which places are doing the best deals rigth now or if theres anything i should be looking out for.

noel, i have a dell (sc440) which i bought and cant use (wont fit in the only sapce i have for it in my tiny flat) - it needs a good home and would be ideal for any save the latest gaming, and will have the dell on site warranty for peace of mind. if you are interested i can post specs / etc.



Do you know on my travels I saw a 500gb hard drive 4gb ram desktop the other day for £499, and can I find it now.....can I F as like. I've been all through my history, bear with me, I'll find it if it kills me
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