Desktop PC

    Hi guys!

    Looking to buy a desktop PC on its own, max I can spend is £200.

    I want a desktop for office use, able to run Adobe CS apps seamlessly, preferably with a SSD, good cpu etc

    Any recommendations?



    Up the budget...£200.0 is nothing for an ssd and you want to run adobe apps you need resource…912?hash=item3ad1d5fbb0:g:~q8AAOSwcLxYIwOv here you go.

    I'd be looking at used dell or lenovo office pcs

    Which cs apps?

    Original Poster

    PS, DW, Fireworks

    At that price you'll have to buy second hand, so it's really just a case of seeing what comes up.

    It's probably not worth going for anything slower than a 2000 series i5 at that price.
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