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    My 11 year old PC has just bitten the dust. I need a new machine. Can anyone recommend what to go for?
    Had a quick look and I'm totally bewildered!
    It's mainly for Internet browsing + video processing (flip videos etc.)
    Will not be a gaming PC.
    Spec required is as follows:
    Pre - built, Win7 included, at very least dual core, 1TB disk would be good. 500Gig minimum.
    (I have a monitor)

    An absolute max of £500 cash to splash.

    Thanks for any feedback. Much appreciated.....



    I am about to buy this one

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    what's the **** in the URL \/…tml

    how about Novatech? I've always used them (building PCs). Their customer service is excellent. You can get Win7 Home Edition with the linked PC for £474 or Pro for £505.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks pal

    I went for Chillblast. The economy model beefed up. Not the cheapest but these guys have excellent service record and a two year warranty.

    Chillblast Fusion Cyclops

    I added
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
    Radeon HD 5450 512MB Graphics Card
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2GHz Processor

    Should be here by the end of next week.........


    For £500, your best bet is amd phenom x6, this can be built by me for £500. If not by me, search around for AMD phenom as AMD are seriously cheap and understated CPUs.
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