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Found 4th Oct 2010

My home PC completely fell down this weekend and as much as I've been trying to put off buying a new one, the time has come.

I'm interested in one which:

- Can play mkv files
- Is decent for editing/creating DVD's from my camcorder using something like pinnacle HD studios
- I dont play games so am not too fussed about some amazing graphics card, but I'm not sure if one is needed for the MKV support.
- Price range: £350-£500
- Only need the desktop, got a 22 inch screen already.
- O/S no doubt windows 7.

Had a look around and the Dell ones arent on offer like they were all those months ago, so am stuck for what to go for.

Help would be really appreciated on this.


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Does this ebuyer link work for anyone else, it does nto work for me.

This has happened to a few ebuyer links for me on here this morning.

Put 200543 into the search box Guilbert!

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This has a much larger hard drive and costs less from the same site. Is the main difference the reduction in the graphics card?

The other PC has a better graphics card & faster i5 processer....

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Which one then badass would you suggest to buy? As mentioned before, I dont play games.

When I need a new one I go to the local computer fair and get one built to my specifications whilst I am there. Much cheaper, better components and exactly what you need, no more no less. My current desktop hasn't missed a beat in over 4- 5 years now. There is a big one in Birmingham every Saturday but there are many more around the country.
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