Desktop PC and Monitor for University

Found 29th May 2010
I'm looking to buy a computer and monitor package to take to University with me and have a budget of £500.

I'm doing a maths degree so it will have some programs installed onto it but I'm unsure how much yet.

It will mainly be used for internet browsing, downloading music, watching DVD's and streaming BBC iPlayer etc so it must have a good sized, widescreen monitor. Also a large Hard Drive as I will probably burn alot of films onto it, though I could get an external drive if it would slow the computer down alot.

I've looked at a few in PC World but I am pretty clueless about what I'm looking for so thought I would ask on here.

Any help would be appreciated.

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If you goto PC World, don't forget to use topcashback for 3% cashback on purchase's. Will be near enough £15


Could get that - just depends how big you want your monitor to be really. could order directly from Dell, and probably get a better system for roughly the same price with 5% cashback


Add memory and harddrive for £50... then get the £120 monitor, making it £540 delivered. then with a possible 5% cashback - which is £27.
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