Desktop PC between £250 - £350, with intention of upgrading the GPU

Found 3rd Sep 2017
Hi, the plan is to buy a new/old PC for between £250 - £350 with the goal of slotting in a new gtx 1060 6gb graphics card. Ideally the more modern a CPU the better with around 3.5ghz clock speed. I already have a corsair PSU in case pre-built ones use cheap ones.

I have looked around on ebuyer, amazon, eBay, AWD, Freshtech. However, I'd really like to find a solution for under £600 (assuming the gtx 1060 6gb will be around £225 for a a while) and as close to £500 as possible.

I've also considered building the PC myself and looked on PC part picker for hours... But hate the thought of everything being put together and powering on with no response.

Thanks in advance
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Tempted to buy this for £235 and upgrade my existing PC…tml

Just need to buy a 240gb ssd (£75) and gtx 1060 (£225) on sale on black Friday.
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a G4560, although a good budget CPU, isn't the best pairing to get the most from your GTX1060. A G4560 would likely present a mild bottleneck for a 1060.

ideally you'd want at least a true quad core, an i5 or Ryzen 5 to get a well balanced system.
Cheers for your recommendations. I will stick with Intel as I trust them with general performance/support and updates for drivers in the future.

I'd like this setup but can't quite afford it (plus doesn't have OS or SSD drive):…tml

I'm not fussed about VR or 4k, just running on max settings at 1080p on as many games as possible, mostly the new Shadow of War game.
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