Desktop pc for CAD

    Hi, looking for a decent desktop pc, with monitor (preferably 19inch plus, HD if possible) with 3/4 gb ram, at least a 500 gb hardrive, and at least a dual core 2.7 ghz processor (ideally a bit better)

    I'm into my design, and would like a pc that fits well into my house and looks pretty nice too, really hate those huge, ugly gaming style cases, and would like a small and smart base unit if possible (would like an apple, but can't justify the price tag)

    I'm going to be using the pc for my part 2 architecture degree, and will be using it for CAD, so will need to be pretty quick at handling large files/work and be able
    to display CAD renderings succesfully. and don't want to spend over £500

    Really appreciate any help any of you can provide

    thanks, Jonathan


    I can give you 22 Inch Monitor Widescreen
    3GB Ram
    2.8ghz duo core
    Nvidia 8600gts DDR3 256mb
    500GB HDD
    Windows 7 Licensed
    All for £400.


    Original Poster


    What do you mean how?

    LOL, what a repsonse.

    Original Poster

    Do you build them?? Are you selling one second hand?? Only want new!

    oh right. Brand new, built by me using new parts. I can give you the originally boxes of the parts and warranties if you need. Monitor will be sealed in box.

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