Posted 18th Jun 2021
Hi all,

My son moves up to high school this year and he'll need a computer for homework etc. As well as MS Office apps for homework, it should be able to cope with some lower demand games like Minecraft, Roblox and the like. He wants to give streaming a go too.

I used to build my own PC's 20+ years ago but have a laptop provided by work these days so I'm a little out of touch and looking for some advice and possibly recommendations. I'd prefer to get a desktop rather than laptop as I'd rather it stays in a dedicated part of the house where we can keep an eye on things.

The all-in-one systems look really convenient but are there any drawbacks versus buying a tower PC? I'd like a system that's going to be good for the next five years at least and worry that you can't chop and change the components in all-in-ones. Looking to keep costs under £1000, preferably £750, including monitor and accessories.
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