Posted 17th Jan 2023
I need a new desktop PC. It will be used daily for work (MS office etc nothing too specific but often multitasking) and also for DSLR photo editing. Unlikely to be used for gaming as we have an xbox (maybe just sims/minecraft level)

What sort of spec should I be looking at and can anyone recommend good buys? I guess I'd like to spend less than £1K

(I have had a quick look at Palicomp Genius range and Punch Technology Photo PC's after seeing them recomended on some old threads)
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    i'm guessing you have monitors etc as you have said desktop, are you going any video work too? Im a Pc person (would recommend a ryzen 5 series for desktop) but if its really just photos/video seriously look at the Mac minis, my wife has got one for graphic design/photo work and im blown away how good it is for the money.

    additionally, dont discount a modern "gamer" laptop, pretty much the same grunt but you can move it about (and they come with a free monitor!) ;-)
    Yes I have monitor etc.

    For work I think PC is safer option (I do need to use the odd specialist app and would prefer to avoid the risk of complications) also I currently have a non-apple IT eco system.

    Only video I do is very basic and occasional (like family stuff) as still photography is what I enjoy
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    I`d be looking at a 13600k based system with 64gb ram. Lightroom can make use of a good gpu and if you`re making videos a 3060ti helps cut down encoding time bigtime for me.
    Would this fit the budget? Are you perhaps able to provide some examples? I'm sure that would assist greatly. Thanks. (edited)
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    Apple silicon (M2 and even the M1) does perform better at photoshop than even an i9. Depending on the size of the files you are editing you may want to upgrade the RAM, not every PC can go past 32GB, some are limited to 64GB. NVMe drives or PCI based SSDs are the fastest (You can run Windows 11 android edition on M2 hardware)
    If you really need to run Windows 10 then you may find a PC a better option, personally I'd get 2 machines that way the PC/Windows work machine is separate from my non-work Apple machine. In a corporate environment you may be restricted to what OS you can use and it may be subject to software checks...
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    What resolution are the photos, and how many are you dealing with? This would help indicate your performance and storage needs.
    Probably 30MP raw files
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    This is an option I have been looking at - I'd probably upgrade the CPU and RAM and stiull be within budget
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    This one is far better for the money (IMO the best value for money build right now), the RAM and storage upgrades are a little expensive so I'd buy them separately if needed: (edited)
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