Desktop PC inc Monitor

    After a right faf on with Mesh Computers I cancelled my order with them.

    I am looking for a decent PC that comes with a decent size HD monitor.

    I have around £700 budget, may go slightly higher.

    Thanks in advcance and a word of warning, AVOID Mesh Computers.


    have you considered building your own also what you mainly gonna use it for here's some idea's

    Base unit…496


    * Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q8300 2.5Ghz,
    * 4MB Cache


    * 4GB DDR2 800MHz
    * Expandable to 4GB Max
    * Memory Slot: 2 x DIMM

    Hard Drive

    * 750GB (1x750GB) SATA 300
    * 16MB Cache

    Optical Drive

    * Super multi DVDRW


    * Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit


    * Monitor Not Included


    * nVIDIA® GeForce GTS250 512MB DDR3 Graphics Card


    * 5.1 channel surround sound

    Input Devices

    * Keyboard and Mouse


    * Network Interface: 10/100/1000 LAN, Realtek® RTL8111B

    Power Supply

    * 500W PSU


    * Width 190mm
    * Depth 480mm
    * Height 360mm


    * 1 set 5.1 channel Audio jacks (3 jacks)
    * 1 x PS/2 keyboard port
    * 1 x PS/2 mouse port
    * 1 x Parallel port
    * 1 x Serial port
    * 6 x USB 2.0 ports
    * 1 x RJ45 LAN port
    * 1 x VGA port
    * 1 x HDMI
    * 1 x DVI

    That comes in at £480.20

    And a monitor.......

    LG W2361V 23" LCD Widescreen Full HD Gaming monitor 1920x1080 300cd/m2 50,000:1 2ms VGA/DVI/HDMI Tilt Stand 3yr Onsite Warranty - Gloss Black

    That comes in at £154.65

    And you will need some cracking sound for games so lets add these Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers - 70W RMS@ £56 odd...................

    Now that lot up and change delivery to "5 day supersaver and the whole lot delivered comes in at.........£691.28.

    So the item code numbers are..

    1/ 176496 PC
    2/ 165288 23 inch LG TFT 3 years warranty
    3/ 116853 Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers - 70W RMS

    That covers video and computer with Windows 7 and its 64 bit if that matters. plenty space and it has a 500 watt PSU so thats that covered...............and its a quad core so flying machine.

    Yeah I think all the above will do the job.

    [url][/url] and all in stock.

    remember to change to 5 day supersaver at checkout if you do go for this mate........


    Original Poster

    WOW thanks for the responses.

    I didn't want to build my own initialy however I may go down that route.

    I wont be using the PC for gaming. I need it to set up a virtual network (lab) for work and other processor/memory heavy stuff.

    OS doesnt matter really, if cheaper I will go with no OS and just stick Linux on.

    Im planning to move my current PC into the living room and using it as a media center/backup machine with the new monitor.

    Thanks! I'll have a gander.


    Any thoughts on this one?…711

    Has 6GB RAM expandable to 8GB + Intel Quad.

    Or this 'barebones'?…54G


    I need it to set up a virtual network (lab) for work and other … I need it to set up a virtual network (lab) for work and other processor/memory heavy stuff.

    What sort of 'virtual network'?

    The Q8300 is only an entry level quad-core (I think it's Intel's slowest now the Q8200 has been discontinued) so if you do need it for stuff that's processor/memory heavy by today's standards you're better off ditching the luxuries like the blu-ray drive and going for a more powerful processor, you may be able to squeeze a Core i7 into your budget as you don't need a strong GPU.

    Is screen quality an issue? Obviously if you want a nice £250-300 screen it's going to impact the budget vs. going for a basic £150 one.

    Original Poster

    On ocassion I need to run 2-3 different virtual machines at a time using VirtualBox. I also run other software which is processor/ram intensive.

    I would like a nice screen for the living room to use as part of a media center (Boxee) to replace the TV.

    I'll have a look at some i7's.

    Thanks again!
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