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Posted 24th Mar
Hey peeps,

Been searching around for a mid price range laptop for general work and a semi powerful desktop pc for video editing and perhaps designing some basic games nothing too strenuous.

I've been struggling these days as it's been around 10 years since I built a computer.

I'd prefer to buy one premade but if I could save a lot of money could build it myself.

I have around 400-600 pounds to spend.

If someone could direct me at some good value pcs would be greatly appreciated.

having a really hard time finding what i need.

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Is that 400-600 on both laptop and PC?
Would you consider used laptop?
New laptop out of stock everywhere.
DonWavey24/03/2020 11:06

That's 400-600 each, total max 1200

If you DM me on instagram ill help you out. Username: a.prince0
Cisco06060624/03/2020 11:46

Would you consider used laptop?New laptop out of stock everywhere.

I can hang on for a laptop to be honest. Desktop kind of necessary right now. Are they out of stock too?

Add storage & Windows 10.

£450 - 500 would should be enough for laptop.
That's great going to buy now. Which laptops would you recommend? I would like a new one though
My recommend spec for £350 - 500 would be
14" or 15" Full HD screen
Ryzen 3 3200u/ Ryzen 5 3500u or i3/ i5 8th gen/ 10th gen
256GB SSD or 120GB SSD +1TB HDD

If you have to buy laptop right now.

Probably these…prd…tml

Or thinkpad E495/ E595 custom with Ryzen 3 3200u, 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD. It is about £520…OPS
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