Desktop PC microphone with push to talk button

Found 17th Oct 2008
Hello I am looking for a microphone for my PC with a push to talk button.
I'm not looking for a headset or a hand held microphone.
I need one that will stand on my desk and has a push to talk button.

Any suggestions?

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Does the application you want to use it for not allow you to set up a keyboard button for push to talk?
It's not for one application in particular.
I know many software applications have a push to talk button but I would prefer a push to talk button on the microphone itself.

I had a quick look around and was surprised that they don't seem to be readily available, you can get press to mute but I suspect that won't do.
You could get a press to make switch from Maplin, and modify a standard desktop microphone, a competent diyer cold do it.

I did come across this little application that uses the keyboard win&s keys, you have to depress them simultaneously to put mic on, otherwise mic is off.

Not perfect but free.
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