Desktop PC required - advice need

I am buying a new PC which will be used for storing music and film (not into playing games etc) and I am looking for the best deal right now. I only want to spend between 300 to 400 pounds. Anyone help?

I know very little about PCs (weak I know) and have tried to do some research but its all a bit confusing. I think because I am going to download film and music (I have a broadband connection) I am looking for a large HD and as fast a processor but because their are so many it is a bit confusing!. I was just going to go to Dell and buy what is on the screen in my price bracket but thought I would ask you guys first!



do you want a base unit or a lcd screen /monitor as well ?

you'll get a great multimedia pc for that price

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Not fussed, I am happy to by a monitor or have one included. have seen some good deals on this sight for monitors so would be preaped to spend my budget on the base unit.


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