Desktop PC under £500?


    Looking for a desktop PC for under £500. Its a minefield out there:oops:

    19" tft monitor
    160GB Hard Drive min
    1024MB RAM Memory preferably

    there are lots with this spec but which is the best deal...any with quidco etc?

    Thanks a mill:)


    That is easily achievable.

    I'd recommend this Dell PC from MikeT:…347
    because you can buy through quidco and the spec is better than what you wanted and cheap. Just either add the 19" monitor or buy one from another website.

    Original Poster

    thanks for that:) will have a look


    New dell deals will be on from tomorrow (Thursday) may be some nice ones if we are lucky.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Mike, will wait and see what comes up tomorrow:)

    Try [url][/url] they seem cheap. ive ordered from them ill let u know if they are anygood :P

    longster seemed a pretty good deal to me!

    Processor isnt very good for what ur paying.
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