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    I am looking a purchasing a new desktop PC. I have a little knowledge in this area but am not entirely in the know.
    At the moment I know I want a PC that can use a HDTV as a monitor and that has the fastest processor possible (Around a 2.4Ghz with 1033Mhz FSB hopefully). I will be using it to browse the internet, watch films and TV and maybe play some games like the Sims 3 but I am not a massive gamer.
    I also have a Quidco account and am not adverse to using vouchers.
    Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated as I feel I am a little out of my depth here....


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    Also my budget is around £350.

    Any machine with DVI or HDMI will generally connect to an HDTV, although if it's a particulaly old one DVI may be a better bet as initially they didn't have digital connections.

    Sound-wise everything supports 5.1 surround these days but you need to check your TV/Amp to see which connections it accepts if you're picky about the best sound quality.
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