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    So i just bought a desktop tower, but dont have a monitor. I need to know the name of a cable that i can get off ebay or from town tomorrow to connect to either my laptop monitor or to my sony tv.

    What are they called?


    VGA Cable
    DVI Cable
    HDMI Cable


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    no its not HDMI, my tv is no hdmi one, will look for the others

    VGA cable if your telly has the PC input

    Do you have a VGA connection on your TV? If so, then it's just a straightforward VGA to VGA cable. If you have an S-Video connector on your TV and your Graphics card you can connect it this way and then use audio leads to provide sound if you need them.

    It would be useful if you could let us know what connector you have on your TV, and what you have on your graphics card.

    Meant to say you won't be able to connect it to your laptop, doesn;t work this way.


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    there is a 15 pin pc connector on the back of my tv, on the desktop there isn't.

    It has loads of other ports, my gfx card does have an s-video port and a 24pin connector next to it with a wierd bit at the end of it.

    Im guessing from all the other replies that i need s-video to vga?

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    yup dvi-i dual is the one, i will be on the lookout for that...thanks, hopefully poundland have it

    Don't think you'll find this kind of cable in the high street shops, never mind Poundland! Your best bet is to order one online - Amazon have then for under a tenner - which is a good price.
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