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Hi All,

So basically I'm just looking for a USB Type-C hub designed for desktop use as opposed to laptop.

What that means is:

  • A longer cable! All the USB Type-C hubs I can see seem to be designed for laptops with tiny cables
  • Ideally free standing as it'll be for desktop use so all the flat laptop hubs just won't work as well
  • No PD (power delivery) required as it'll be plugged straight into the motherboard's USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port
  • HDMI and Ethernet are not required as my monitors and internet are plugged directly into the graphics card and motherboard respectively
  • Only really need USB ports and an SD card reader
  • It should be cheap as I don't see these requirements as an expensive feature list

I've looked through Amazon UK around the £20 mark and I can see plenty of USB Type-C hubs but they all seem to have tiny cables designed for laptops. Normally prefer Anker but can't see anything by them either.

Something like this would have been ideal but all the ports on the back are redundant and this mofo costs over £100!


Thanks in advance!
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Can't you just buy a USB Type C extension cable.
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3m type c cable. We use this seller.. No problems at all. Good quality
Just buy a required length extension cable - problem solved. I had the same headache last year as laptop hubs have very short cable or just USB C connector.
I have purchased this from Aliexpress:…tml
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