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    Hi, I'm looking to get a new desktop for between £500 and £800, other then the usual suspects Dell, HP, Mesh etc can anyone recommend anywhere good and good value?

    Many thanks.



    Have a look on scan or ebuyer

    as above, there are a few others such as novatech, dabs, ginger6, tekheadz..

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    I've just looked on scan and they didn't seem as good value as Dell as far as I can see. Mainly concerned with CPU, RAM & graphics specs. thanks for the other tips tho. More welcome.

    Have you thought about building your own.

    £800 would go a long way

    What sancho said. Nowadays with retail items rather than OEM, that majority of building is a simple *push this in here, clip this, screw that on*. For £800, you'd do brilliantly with a selfbuild xD.
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