Desktop with 17 tft for £300

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Found 11th Dec 2007
Out in half an hour with sister shes looking to spend £300 for the above for her daughter, going to pcworld and comet (so please dont say dell)

Can anyone advise what spec she should be looking to get for that money please, her daughter doesnt really do much other than msn and nosey round the net


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1) hotukdeals.com/for…382
2) hotukdeals.com/for…875

After all the cash back and stuffs you end up paying £320 !! And you get a awesome HP 20.1" Widescreen !! I made a fortune from those two sweet threads.


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thanks, but she has £300 now, thats it, and doesnt want to order online, so hence pcworld and comet:thumbsup: Just wanna know what spec that will buy

for £300 on the high-street you'll probs be looking at a Intel celeron 1.7ghz, 1gb ddr2 ram and around a 80gb hd as a minimum spec. obviously you'll probably find better deals online.

just checked the pc world and comet sites and came up with this:
EI 3213

Acer aspire 5315

with acer being a well known trusted brand.

that sorta spec will be fine for using msn, browsing the internet n wotnot

There's none at £300 below at ]comet, cheapest is £379.99

There's one at ]PC World online at £299.99, instore at £339.97 with a 17" moniter but have to pick it up instore anyway. Try to get them to price match the online price, you've got a decent chance as they price match some online stores such as Amazon.

They have two others but they have 15" moniters ]here

The other alternative involves a bit of homework, they have a price match policy

If you find a lower price, we then lower ours. Who we Match: Dabs … If you find a lower price, we then lower ours. Who we Match: Dabs ebuyer Empire Direct Amazon Even though we're doing everything we can, it is possible that we might miss something. If you find a better price, then email us and we will match it for you. provided:- The product is same product and offer including delivery charges.- Is in stock and available for immediate delivery- We are able to verify the offer In your email please let our team know the following - 1. Your name and delivery postcode 2. The product, price and our product code you are interested in purchasing 3. The Internet site offering a better price

Find one online at one of the retailers above below the £300 limit that PC World sell and get them to price match it (they give you 10% of the difference discount extra too) this also applies to stores within a 30 mile radius of PC World, more details in this ]thread

PC, 17" widescreen monitor and colour printer for £299 plus £5 delivery


It's not the best spec in the world and could do with a mem upgrade at some point but if all she wants is msn and the internet this will do on a budget

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thanks guys, missed your posts as already left, she went for this


i take it this will need a wireless adapter to get onto internet, it says it has no modem please dont tell me that means its unable to get onto internet

lol, sorry. my post was completely off, somehow i thought u were looking for laptops. silly me.

if your are connecting to the internet through wireless, you'll probably need a wireless card. when it stats it comes with no modem, it means for dialup connection. however, you can wire it to a router if you have an ethernet cable as the pc comes with on-board lan.
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