Desp looking for a place that does personalised photo cushions in Manchester

    Hiya, I need 3 double sided standard size cushions personalised with photos and text. Ordered them off eBay but the dude let me down :-(

    Are there any places in Manchester I can get them from plz? I've already tried TShirts2Print in the Arndale, they only do huge cushions :-\


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    Thanx, 12th was the deadline to get it before xmas

    you can do it yourself if you buy Image maker cream from any good craft shop. Your print out your photos and text, remember to do a mirror print so it's all reversed. The Photocopy the image, DON'T BE TEMPTED TO TRY WITH JUST YOUR COMPUTER PRINT. put the paper on the pillow, cover generously with the cream, leave to develop, then rub away the paper and the image is on the fabric. I have done this a number of times...for t-shirts etc. You can buy the cream at Hobby craft.

    Max spielmann

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    Thank you all for your help, i managed to get them off another eBayer :-)
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