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    I have used this for many years. Essentially, you create an email address, which you then use publicly e.g. when signing up for freebies. It allows you to protect your real email address from potential spam. It also allows you to forward any email to your real account.

    Any email that is forwarded is preceded with [despammed], so it's real obvious where it has come from.

    The filteration is really good, and stops most (if not all) rubbish getting through - if in any doubt that signing up to a freebie may result in spam, then sign-up using your despammed address.

    I'm sure that there are other services like this, but this is the one I have been using, and works well for me. Hope it benefits some of you guys.


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    live link:


    What a simple yet great idea

    You can also get a free forwarding address from [url][/url] its basic but free :-)


    Why is it better than a gmail account?

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    No one said it's better - I'm just saying that if you want to protect your email address and not give it out to potential harvesting sites, use one of the email services above. If gmail is protecting you well enough, then carry on using it.

    It's all about informed choices

    I think the question is more along the lines of "what makes it different from setting up another gmail account for the purposes of spam reduction" - i.e. how does it fare as a webmail service, which is essentially what it is?

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    The difference, I guess, is that filters any email it receives, before it even gets to your real email account. I use it so that no-one knows my real email address. Think of it like a sort of PO Box.
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