Found 16th Sep 2008
Does anyone know where if anywhere in the Bristol area i can get a Wii Fit?
Been trying to get one for a present for ages RRP only,no bundles! Help would be much apreciated!
Thanks in advance.
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they have a realtime stock checker that looks for you. i recently got one from amazon this way. good luck
Also check with your local Argos on a daily basis first thing in the morning. Store common websites like Play.com, Tesco Direct, Amazon, etc in you favourites at the item link itself. Then again check on a daily basis. Both Play.com and Tesco Direct have recently had stock so they will be a couple of weeks before you see stock again
thanks x
try the online shop game a friend of mine got one from there
Hi i got two from Zavvi last week, they had them in on friday. Both at the mall and in the centre of town. Both had 25 each and they are expecting the same this friday fingers crossed as i need another one as a christmas present. I sugget you call both store first thing friday and just keep at it, they are getting stock in from now until xmas.

Good Luck
keep trying Argos .. i walked into Wimbledon today and I seen someone buying one... turns out it was the last that wasn't reserved but I went home and was able to reserve one in sutton for pick up tomorrow.

PMSL at all those people who have their shed full of Wiifits in anticipation for Christmas.. i reckon this will be in stock and selling like pancakes very soon.
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