Despatches: Saving Africa's witch children - Channel 4

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Found 12th Nov 2008
Anyone watching. its barbaric.


oooh thanks for reminding me i wanted to watch that

i can hardly watch it. its terrible.......

Original Poster

absolutely disgusting.

i cant believe this still goes on this day and age ......i wish i could swear on here

yeah its truly evil. makes u feel humble doesnt it.

that poor little girls big scared eyes ...............:-(


I couldnt bring myself to watch it. GF was very upset by it.

I watched it it was disgusting, them poor children not only the phsical abuse the mental abuse also.

A lot of this behaviour was int he Victoria Climbie case. They felt they were doing her good, ridding her of the devil. Some church type pastors were also involved.

Beggars belief that elements of this are going on in this country.

Not as bad but did anyone see the US prog on bible camps last year. 5 yr old made to feel like sinners and in tears, no comparison to witch prog but thin edge of the wedge IMO. Radical religious doctrination is totally wrong for any child

just have total respect or they guy helping the children..

upsetting : ( , just watched repeat online, shocking how they get treated, sad part was all them kids together fighting for their rights and chanting together and in the end they get an audience and that guy accepts what they wanted. No kid should have to go through that just to live.
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