Desperate for some techy advice..please help.

    I have got the antivirus live bug and I am now having to use another computer. I have googled for advice and it says to restore it in safe mode to an earlier date. The problem I have is that the system restore was turned off, so I cannot do it. Is there any way I can get over this problem? This bug is really horrible.

    Please help.

    Many Thanks



    try this goto safe mode

    do a search to find out what procesess the virus uses, A website called Bleepingcomputer is a pretty good site which may point you in the right direction. Download Malware Bytes and do a full scan

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    try this goto safe … try this goto safe modedelete%WINDOWS%\sysguard.exe%WINDOWS%\system32\iehelper.dll

    Hi, how do I find these in the safe mode. I am a bit of a novice:oops:

    Try downloading ]Malwarebytes install it on the faulty PC, then run it, ideally in safe mode.

    +1 for malwarebytes.

    ]Avast might be an idea for a boot up scan before windows starts.

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    I have installed in in safe mode as I can't do anything in normal mode. Do I just restart after running it in safe mode?

    Once it has run, and you have cleared the problems it has found, reboot and see what happens, if it is Antivirus 2009/10, then it should clear the problem straight away.

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    It's currently doing a full scan. I really hope this works. I haven't got a clue about computers, and these things really worry me.:-(

    ]Spybot may find more once the malwarebytes scan is complete.

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    I love you all! Rep all round. Thank you so much, the malwarebyte thingy worked a treat!:)

    Glad to have helped
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