Desperate help with PAYPAL

    paid though paypal, requested refund, said they would be in there with in a week, still not there one month on, paid with credit card...

    Help wht do i do?

    Is it to late? £250 gone down the drain


    Sorry to hear that mate
    Don't know much but have read you can complain to credit card company if paypal payment was done through your card but sure someone on here will help you with this.Best of luck:thumbsup:

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    anyone know wht to do?

    open a paypal dispute

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    does it mater it has been just over a month?


    can you elaborate on this, what did you purchase, where from? what do you mean you requested a refund? from paypal?

    I think paypal only protect you from ebay and not other sites that take paypal, am i right?

    But they said they paid with CC, all you do is phone up your bank and ask to open a chargeback dispute for goods not received. If they can't prove they sent the goods to you your bank will reclaim the money back and fund it back into your account.
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