Desperate !!! Reading Tickets!!!

Found 19th Mar 2007
I am gutted....i have spent the last two and a half hours looking for Reading weekend tickets, however i have not been able to get any...i only wanted one!!!!

I know they are available from touts and rip off websites but i dont want to pay those prices!!!! If anyone knows of a decent website where i can get a ticket for £145 (the actual price) then i will be eternally grateful!!!!

Thanks guys!
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Getting a Reading ticket is easy. You have 6 options left:

1. Keep you're eye on a festival forum for news about another batch of tickets. There will be at least 3 more large batches before the festival

2. Keep an eye on ScarletMist.com Its an ethical ticket exchange site, i.e. no sales over RRP.

3. Buy one about a week before the festival. People are finding out they cant go and touts still have some tickets left, prices crash and supply is very high. Around this time tickets can be picked up for as little as half face value

4. Buy on the gates. Every year Meanfiddler insist that no tickets will be available on the gates and yet every year, on the Wednesday morning there are a good few hundred

5. Work the festival. Oxfam and other charities will sell you a ticket on the basis that you work X number of hours across the weekend. Upon completion of those hours you get the ticket price refunded. When you arent working you're free to do as you please.

6. If all the above fail then bribe you're way in. It hapens more than you might think.

Seriously, dont panic. I havent got my ticket yet either and i go to Leeds every year! I'll be picking up a few for me + my mates in July/August
Thanks for the good advice - could you detail any of the 'festival forums' that you refer to above please?

(I know this is leeds festival... however when you click tickets - reading is on there.... and they seem to still have some......)
many thanks - rep added!
thanks for rep... just hope you can get some tickets....
many thanks - rep added!

thanks for rep... just hope you can get some tickets....

thanks for rep... just hope you can get some tickets....

hope so too but at the moment can't find any weekend tickets for Reading, hence the need to regularly access forums etc - btw my rep thanks was for both mikeyd and yourself - hence the double post!!
I finally got a ticket!!!! I went on line at seetickets.com around lunchtime and they had some. They have advised to keep checking because credit card details for people who have ordered do not always go through so fingers crossed you will get one!!!
you should easily get one on the day for face value, maybe even cheaper!
otherwise although ebay prices are stupid, you can get some for a good price. my mate last year got one for £127!
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