Desperately want a new tariff - pay as you go with topup perks

    Hi guys!

    I am SO mad at Virgin Mobile right now and I really really want to leave them. Unfortunately (the b********) have my phone locked to them but I'd be willing to sacrifice that for a better deal.

    I really prefer the Pay as You Go with perks - eg. topup £10, recieve 300 texts or minutes etc.

    Ideally I'd love a mix. I don't mind who it is with. Anyone know any good deals?

    I thought orange or o2 - £10= 300 texts (but orange of course has magic umbers but only to orange, but orange wednesdays)...

    I don't know what to do. I am just so pissed off to be frank with Virgin mobile. They've given me so much grief and are so expensive. They claimed I failed a credit check then turn around and give me the highest rating possible which apparently many customers don't have but their PAYG £10 topup like 700 free texts but only at the weekend is not worth the letters used.

    I want something where there is a perk for a £10 topup.
    Texts a definate, mins a bonus.
    Would prefer a low internet surfing charge but I only ever use text on my phone and to be honest I don't really ise it.



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    I already own a lyca mobile sim - but I don't know if my number can be transfered onto it. The thing I'm wary of is how obscure it is. I do love my other number. Maybe I have to carry two phones around. :@

    So you want the lowest cost for texts on a payg right?

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    So you want the lowest cost for texts on a payg right?

    Preferably a low costing text (eg. 10p any network) and low calls eg. max 20p per minute but comes down after to to like 5p. Or eg. 10p a minute, or lower.

    I really want something where I can top up with eg. £10, £20 and recieve benefits for a month - eg. free texts. Virgin mobile only does this on weekends. I will use more texts than calls at about 70/30%.

    I'm sorry if I'm not explaining this well...

    I get 300 free texts when I top up £10 a month on Orange payg I think it is the dolphin option
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