desperatly wanted laptop!!!!

    my laptops decided to conk out on me last nite!!! i miss it loads... need to buy a new one , can anyone let me no best deal going at the moment ...i have a buget of £300-£350


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    ive never bought a refurbished b4 ...they any good?

    I've got a refurbished quadcore desktop and never had a problem with it. The packaging may be a plain brown box but you still get 12 months warranty and everything is sealed. It sounds like a good price to me.

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    how much do u think these at retail brand new?

    The Dixons site says pristine price was £399


    which is the better deal … which is the better deal

    The Compaq is better specced with HDMI and a webcam but it's AMD which spoils it for me.

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    wots AMD? im not familier with all this .....

    They're the CPU manufacturer. The bit in the spec that says 2GHz - the speed of the PC at its most basic. There's only 2, Intel and AMD and for my money Intel are more reliable and better supported.
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