Destiny 2 expansion choices forsaken Shadowkeep

Posted 31st Oct
Hello, I am a destiny 2 new light player (played the original destiny) and I want to boost up my content, I’m just not sure whether to go for Forsaken expansion or Shadowkeep.

Obviously Shadowkeep is current, but I believe that Forsaken has quite a chunky catalogue.

Is there any chance that either could be reduced on ps store? Maybe for Black Friday? I’m thinking forsaken has more of a chance to be reduced due to age.

If any destiny 2 fan can shed some light on to which one they and I would/should go for I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks
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If you’ve played all the New Light content, I’d probably go for Forsaken first as you can pick it up pretty cheap. That has loads of content and the story is good.

Then go for ShadowKeep when the price drops.

You can pick up the disc version of Forsaken Legendary Collection for £14.99 here - you won’t need most of the content but one of the codes gets you forsaken…BwE
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