Hi just wondering if there's anyone out there who has destiny on ps4 I could add for help on raids etc got to level 27 but need to do the hard raids to get my level up to 30 plus thanks in advance

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    Have a look here, it's brilliant and you will also find people who want to accomplish the same thing.

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    Concentrate on doing vanguard playlists, daily missions, and weekly events, or public events for marks, the vendors sell gear that can get you to 31 so there's not a huge reason to do the vault of glass to get gear. I only ever got boots from it. I still do it as some of the weapons you can get are pretty good though. Raid gear can only get you to 30, unless you have one new 36 exotic, two fully levelled 33 vendor items and your fully levelled raid 30 piece.

    I ought to add - if you have the dlc the new vanguard roc playlist drops legendary items fairly often for me, also Eris (in the tower) has a quest that if you compete you receive a pair of gauntlets that can be levelled up to 31.

    LFG is quite good though, I use the app fairly often.

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    CPT_Curly93, level 25

    Add me if you want bud

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    cheers will add you thanks
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