Destiny beta code question - Amazon/FLUBIT


Has anyone else pre-ordered Destiny from Amazon via Flubit? I’m wondering how I go about getting a Beta code…It was ordered in January and the receipt shows it was fulfilled by Fireworks Merchant…however there is no code on the receipt and I haven’t been sent an email. Anyone else in the same boat?



You only get the code if you order from Amazon. I'd ask flubit for the beta code or cancel with them as the beta goes live tomorrow.

I pre ordered in store and got a code there and then, think that's your best bet dude

Pre order from amazon/psn seperately, get code, then cancel preorder after beta, keep original cheap flubit price preorder.

preorder from game they'll give you a code

I've bought a beta code of eBay, I've now preordered from psn, the beta code says you get 3 download codes on Thursday, enough for a full fireteam, I might put spare codes up tomorrow if my friends don't need them. I have a feeling lots of other people might so this tomorrow too, I would recommend keeping an eye on the freebies tomorrow.

Meant do this tomorrow.
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