destiny taken king legendary edition code for PS4.

Found 16th Sep 2015
just got a freebie from Bungie, Destiny the taken king legendary edition for PS4, but I don't have a ps4 and its just Destiny with all the expansions as dlc, anyone have any idea how much I could expect for the codes?

any advice on selling this would be great!

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Are they on a card? If so you could sell them on here, fair few people wanting them
someone was selling it here yesterday for £30 with the disk or £25 for the dlc code alone
I can offer £25 if you still have it?
I will give you £25 for the code too
I do hate the disk but I'm willing to accept 25 for the code! excuse me im a novice, how we we exchange money for code?
have not hate*
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